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Master Pang Zi Yeung, by-name of Gong Zhi Wen – Wang Shan Shan Ren. When master Pang was a teenager, he has great interested in Feng Shui Metaphysics and began to follow a number of famous Chinese and Hong Kong Metaphysics Masters learning Numerology, Feng Shui, Fortune-telling and Physiognomy. Master Pang has created special and comprehensive method by his own class on Horoscopes of Ba-Zi method, Feng Shui and even Lucky Numeric Secret as well.

Master Pang has got a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, then he worked as the managerial grades at various famous Banks & Financial Institutions. In the meantime, he followed The Master of China International Yi-Jing to learn the traditional Chinese culture of horoscopes.

In addition, Master Pang becomes the Associate Dean of the China International School of Yi-Jing. With his passion on Xi-Jing, he has put his great effort to promote this treasurable and traditional culture of China to the public as well.


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