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Money is the source of human afloat for all kind of people. Although it is not a panacea, it is important to all of us. People's wealth is limited.

Everybody can maximize the ability to obtain the greatest wealth on the life but too much force on money will bring evil to come as a result.

First of all, we should try to understand the maximum limit of wealth on our life and thence to go after positioning to maximize the ability to strive for the highest wealth. This can be easily find from our four pillars of destiny.

Secondly we try to know the schedule of the money came and will be happening in which year in future. Well prepared to achieve the money target. Of course, you do not know which year will be the good money luck, the wealth may be greatly reduced.


How To Get The Greatest Wealth :

  • To fruition of the great wealth, It needs to rely on  the right place at the right time

and good human relationship.

  • When can we meet good people?
  • The Feng Shui at our home are good?
  • To obtain good staff or assistant?
  • Do your partner tie your wealth luck?
  • Where you can find your good clients

All of the above elements will precisely affect the wealth luck.



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