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Auspicious days

The Chinese tradition people would like to select auspicious day to get marriage, moving house, opening ceremony etc.

They all believed that selection of auspicious day to do the important things. It will be much easy for them to get success, especially for some special events, such as new business grand opening, meeting important person, decoration, examinations etc.

Everybody wants the important thing to have a good result and therefore the selection of an auspicious day for action is very important. An auspicious day will be basis on the people's individual date of birth code and thence provide him/her a suitable day and time for their action. The good or bad results will be influenced by the selection of auspicious day or not.

Therefore, whenever the boss opening a new business or closing a big business deal, they have to review and try to choose a auspicious day for action.


Selection of an Auspicious Name

Someone said that we are not afraid of bad life but afraid of using a bad name.
Using a good or bad name is very important on our life and it will definitely affect our fortune. As a result, giving a good name to our children is better than gave them a million dollars.

To choose a good name, it will base on people's date of birth. We need to analyse the strength and weakness of the five elements in order to fill the gap. Meanwhile, we need to use the mathematical, yin and yang and phonology to finish a good name for the individual person. After selection of a good name, the most important thing is to choose an auspicious day to start the lucky name.  



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