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The I Ching – "Book of Changes" is one the most important cultural treasure in our human history. It is able to extract everything all over the world and assist us to predict the message of the world. The I Ching has a powerful system for forecasting and divination.

On the series of symbols on I Ching – Trigrams and Hexagrams and the straight lines – either continuous or broken, it reflects the Yin and Yan in the world and we can use it for forecasting jobs.

I Ching can also complement and enhance the lack of modern metaphysical world. Such as today's most popular four pillars of destiny and the Feng Shui, it usually needs people' s date of birth to conduct the forecasting and make the Feng Shui calculation.

I Ching divination is not necessary to obtain such information. So it is more easy to do the forecasting for the people.



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